Thursday, April 26, 2007

West Chester, PA to Williamsburg, VA

At 6:30 a.m., I went downstairs to work on my laptop using the house wireless system. Clare came down after a little while and made coffee and toast. Bob was off to work at the stadium. Clare and I did lots of catching up on family, mostly the Grotz side. It's interesting how much she knows about "our" family and how little we know of hers. Clare had a funeral to attend at 11:00 today, so Jeff and I intended to be out of the house early enough to leave her time to prepare. After breakfast, we let ourselves out.

Skirted around Philadelphia and crossed into Delaware (can't tell the difference! This is the only part of Delaware that I've seen - the corridor between Philadelphia and Baltimore.) Cold and gray, threatening skies blowing down in pursuit of us. Rain, but only intermittent sprinkles. By Baltimore, I was bundling up and using the electric vest. Targeted a "Cracker Barrel" near Woodbridge, Virginia for a break. I was not so impressed this time. The seasonal strawberry pancakes were okay. But it is inexpensive!

En route to Cape Hatteras, we headed toward Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Williamsburg was along the route, so it would be easy to connect with my former Mondavi boss, Steve for a meal if he were at home and otherwise unoccupied.

Jeff insisted on taking a room at the "Comfort Inn" in Williamsburg. He received no argument from me. $69. They were very busy, as this is a heavily-touristed area. Changed rooms after we found the first one was too close to a noisy stairwell and too dark. Then I discovered the internet connection sucked. When I inquired at reception, I was met with the all-too-common reply “it’s the first time anyone has complained.” They couldn't help me, since the service is furnished by an outside provider. Another all-too-common situation. I was however able to post some photos and e-mail Steve to say we were passing through and would like to meet up with him.


Anonymous said...

Yo Coz, who's the macho man with the laptop writing the novel? I wanta hook him up with my mixed up coz Brittany - Brittany Spears.

timtraveler said...

Sorry, I think he's gay.