Friday, May 11, 2007

Ah, Civilization!

Kellie running her deli on Grand Opening day

Seven hours’ rest seems about ideal these days. (And a luxury!) The early morning traffic around Waterbury's nearby state complex serves as my wake-up call.

A cleaning day: laundry, vacuuming, dusting. The house really needs it. With travel for work taking a big chunk of time, Jeff seems to have a bit more than he can handle here. (And I've left him saddled with our "camp" property as well!) Since I didn't buy him anything, I call my efforts a "birthday gift", but it's more just a token gesture for his generosity. He really does give a lot to those around him, without asking anything in return.

He returned from Canada before 3:00, and seemed quite pleased with the condition of his house. We went over to visit Kellie’s store. It felt rather quiet for a “grand opening”, but the staff was upbeat and pleased with the volume of customer traffic. (Maybe we had missed the "crowds".)

We found a few specials and made some purchases (especially soda, at $2.50 per 12-pack!) We noted that it was primarily junk food being heavily discounted. (Though many wines were also on sale - do they qualify as junk food?) And WE are card-carrying members of the target audience.

I forced a reluctant (and probably tired) Jeff to join me at The Alchemist. His response: “only if we go now (4:00 p.m.), because I’m not going to wait around for a table.” Though neither of us was particularly famished, we ordered meals. For me, getting out is as much a social occasion as to feed the animal, (though the animal was duly fed with a delicious "Brew Burger".) He tried a "shepherd’s pie" made with lamb, and found it, frankly, pretty disgusting. I could linger long, soaking up the atmosphere and camaraderie in these places, but Jeff is not content to "just hang out" in public.

Back at the house, we sat on the front stoop, watching the storm clouds skirt around Waterbury. Beautiful pastel shades, not commonly seen in my Northern California skies. Kellie joined us after a while.

Kellie and I gave Jeff some birthday cards, then pulled a large decorated cake out of the basement deep freezer. (Kellie had scored it in a store sale a few days ago, and we had to hide it from Mr. Big Pants!) But, we were all too stuffed to eat any. (It had to defrost anyway - maybe later!)

An evening in front of the (big screen, plasma!) TV. We watched the Golden State Warriors beat the Utah Jazz in a remarkable basketball spectacle. Later, it was David Letterman's show. To me, that program now feels somewhat forced and tedious. (My brother will tell me I'm clueless.) So much energy and resources going into a product that is all formula, little fresh creativity. He’s too...uh..."mature" for the average TV demographic now, I think. Time to move on.

I excused myself around 1:00. Birthday Boy remained up to play his Civilization strategy game. It’s his Friday night, he says. He’ll stay awake until 3:00 or 4:00.

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