Friday, May 25, 2007

Around Santa Rosa

Out early to "Northbay Motorsports" to see about having my front tire replaced. I would have to leave the bike, and they would eventually get to it. For me, that just wasn't an option. Maybe next week.

I could try to change the tire myself, at home, but I’m not quite ready to take the chance that I might not be unable to finish the task. With no workspace at the apartment, I’m not really able to maintain this bike as it should be. Something has gotta give.

Filled up on gas: $17! A tank of gasoline, or a meal out? That’s what it comes down to these days. And the oil company wins. Our lifestyle is so inextricably connected to the motor vehicle. Our cities and communities are laid out this way. (What a treat it was in Waterbury to have the option of “walking one’s errands”.)

I went to the Santa Rosa JC, to work on the computer, but found the library has now closed for summer break. "Now what?" Drove over to a nearby "Peet’s Coffee". No wi-fi, but still I decided to spend money and time there. Their stores feature classical background music. Is this intended to imply or imbue culture? Why is classical music assumed to be sophisticated and a higher expression of culture? (Most of it, I've heard enough over the years to make it as innocuous as "elevator music".)

Considered a hike at Sugarloaf Ridge, but the afternoon was too hazy to bother. Instead, went out to Annadel Park again. I noticed two park benches inscribed “Free yourself, be yourself”.

Over to the storage unit to pick out some wine for tomorrow: 1999 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet and a 1997 Benziger Zinfandel. Looked at the spare wheels I keep in storage. I see the front tire (the original Dunlop on the cast rim) still has life. I decided there’s no need to install the new tire yet. I can just re-mount this wheel and run out the remaining tread life. Loaded the wheel on the back of the bike.

"In-N-Out Burger" for an early dinner. About $6.50. Less than I’d spend most places. (But there’s that beef again!)

At home, made fresh guacamole. Lots of it.

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