Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cincinnati, OH to East Aurora, NY

Minutes after we arrived in East Aurora, Priscilla returned home from work. (Note the Duct Tape theft-proofing system.)

Went downstairs for breakfast, then made up a plate for Jeff. He’d be just fine if he didn’t talk with anyone on this trip.

Along the interstates today, Ohio State Troopers lay in wait everywhere. Their purpose seems to be just writing tickets. It feels like a fascist state.

Jeff’s erratic driving was driving me crazy. He flew ahead at 80, then when I caught up and even passed, he fell way behind, driving 60 or 65. I was so aggravated, I considered just driving ahead alone. “I’ll meet him in East Aurora.” Then, when we finally pulled over at a rest stop south of Cleveland, he explained he was falling asleep. I was embarrassed at being so judgmental.

Jeff, after waffling a bit, decided we had time to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was right along our route, i had argued. I led him there, ignoring the GPS instructions. Clear blue skies with a cold north wind coming across Lake Erie. We arrived at the Hall, Jeff looked at the building, remarked that it’s “neat” then expressed concern about being caught in rush hour traffic. And so we left. But we did have our priorities…

Riding the New York State Thruway

On the east side of Cleveland, we made a pit stop for gas. There just so happened to be a Cracker Barrel, Texas Roadhouse and Eat ‘n Park all clustered together at the exit. Jeff has never been to Eat ‘n Park, so I suggested he “might” want to try it. The one outside of Pittsburgh is the only other one I’ve seen. A strange place, unclear on the concept, and the wait staff seemed well-worn. But my strawberry waffle was very good, and Jeff was pleased with the salad bar. We continue to eat our way around the East.

Jeff called Priscilla and Kathy, projecting we’d make East Aurora by 7:30 or so.

Traveled about 450 miles today.

After the day's chilly ride, Jeff warms up on Priscilla's porch

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