Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Few Reflections from the Reunion

There is such a desolation and forlornness this morning.

After rising, I turned to the "Fellowship of Friends" blog, to read the latest discussions.

The school’s obsession with money is amazing. Members were (and are) often dismissed for monetary reasons alone. How can a “church”, recognized and tax-exempt under California law, do that?

With a need to absorb what happened yesterday, I went on a hike to Bald Mountain. I noted that fellow hikers were in good spirits.

So many thoughts on the mountain. Can a “church” discriminate based upon an ability to pay? Are their not other methods of payment or contribution that must morally be considered? Perhaps we need a “Conscience Project”. A web-based movement to end this "play of crime"?

After the hike, I slowly drove toward Santa Rosa, scanning the roadside. After all, it’s possible my pack could have fallen off late in the ride. Why did I assume it was hopelessly far back?

I should create a website: "lost and", where people can post things they've lost and found, by category and location. What an idea! Help locate items, and perhaps earn a little commission in the process.

Lunch at "Chelino’s", reading the "Bohemian" as I dined. A Hefeweizen beer at home later.

Drew called after I sent them an e-mail about the reunion. He said "Bonita" had responded to his e-mail. He was quite excited, as it completed, in his mind, some kind of celestial cycle. She had been the first or second "student" in the "Fellowship of Friends". We talked of R., a student we both knew in the 70s. I mentioned that I just heard he rejoined the school. “What a slime ball…” (He took my girl!) Someone said he was involved with "Oui", the mens’ soft-porn magazine, in the early 70s. That didn't coincide with Drew's memory. R. was from Buenos Aires, went to Hawaii and joined there (where Drew and Susan also joined.)

I mentioned another student I saw, R., with whom I had always had playful ("polar opposites") friendship. Drew was annoyed. He described the person as “vanity trying to appear not to be vain,” then related a story about R. visiting them on Whidbey Island. In an emergency, Drew had to take Susan to the hospital just before R. arrived. They never heard a word from R. Not even an inquiry as to Susan's condition.

Drew was "buzzing", a hundred things apparently racing through his mind. (It's something that annoys me at times. From my perspective, he fills his mind with such clutter and distraction.)

He recited everything I didn’t need to know about the friends they went to see in Port Townsend today, the extended families of their friends, and what’s going on with THEIR friends and families. All as background material for the simple tale of an outing to Port Townsend! The guy is definitely a "people person"! (And I guess I am definitely not.)

Then, on the spur of the moment, he decides he might write an article about the "Fellowship of Friends" for "Rolling Stone" magazine. While I was still on the line, he downloaded all the web pages from the "FOF" blog (multi-tasking, of course.) I offered to support and assist his effort, but he abruptly decided he was all done, and "good-bye"!

"What just happened?"

[For more on the Fellowship of Friends and its teacher, see: "Robert Earl Burton: An Unauthorized Blogography".]

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