Monday, May 07, 2007

More R & R in Waterbury

Matt with his financial issues, requires much hand-holding. The muffler on his truck is bad, The truck requires a safety check and registration, and he's behind on his loan payment. I think he expects someone else (Jeff) to step up and cover for him, but Jeff isn’t offering.

Jeff was scheduled to travel to Quebec for a motor carrier inspection today. We had some coffee and toast, then I joined him for a ride to Montpelier, where we visited his new office, which their congressman referred to as "the Taj Mahal".

Despite the criticism I've heard, to me, the rennovation didn't seem too extravagant. Typical contemporary office furnishings. But Jeff said the inspectors need uniforms more than new office furnishings. When we arrived, he didn’t acknowledge his boss, Turs, nor did Turs acknowledge us. Jeff and his co-workers exchanged disparaging comments about their "good-for-nothing" boss, within earshot of Turs.

Apparently quite oblivious to the insults, Turs finally came over after Jeff asked him a question. We talked a bit of our travels. I sensed in him a lethargy that government bureaucracies seem to nurture.

Although it was my intention to work on my computer while Jeff took care of some business, I was (not surprisingly, since it's a Federal agency) unable to connect to their wireless system.

We then visited Kellie’s store for some pizza. She was annoyed at her boss "schmoozing" with friends, even as his customers awaited service. So Kellie had to jump in and cover his behind. She's a hard worker, if a little too vocal with her criticism.

Took the pizza home, where Jeff later said "I ate too much!" Matt came over. He wanted to wash and polish his truck, using Jeff’s “condiments”.

I washed Jeff’s government car (had to insist - he would not easily accept my help.) This allowed him to focus on preparations for his trip. He was reluctant to leave. It’s becoming more of a challenge with each trip. He’s ready to retire. It took a while for him to explain his audio-video system and the four remote controls required to operate it. I had to take notes.

He was off by 7:30 or so and I was on my own. Watched The Constant Gardener, munching on sweet corn popcorn with white cheddar cheese (only one pack). It's strange to be alone in this big quiet house.

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