Sunday, May 06, 2007

R & R in Waterbury

Awoke at 6:30, but slept until 8:00. Jeff still resting, I went out for a bagel. Windy and cold – low 40s. Stopped briefly to see Kellie at her work, then continued on to "KC’s Bagel Café", about the only active place in town. People looked like they just got out of bed – no fussing with appearances here. Most seem local, though a few out-of-towners are obvious, with their fashionable outdoor gear.

Coffee and a bagel, and a few extras to go. As I arrived at the house, Matt was just heading out for work. Woke Jeff at 11:00.

Kellie irritated with her boss at work, during her lunch break she came over to Jeff’s to complain.

Washed laundry. Watched a mix of TV today: hockey, golf, basketball, "The Sopranos".

A light food day: the bagels, some chicken and rice for dinner and later, a pack of microwave popcorn later.

I spent hours typing up notes from the past two weeks.

Matt and Jeff got into an argument over money. Matt seemed to be looking for a fight, a reason to storm out. Money the subject, but the real issues are hidden.

Up until 1:00 a.m.

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