Saturday, May 12, 2007

Winding Down in Waterbury

Jeff purchased a Triumph Sixty8 Collection "Bob Dylan" t-shirt for Drew. (Similar to the one Dylan wore on an album cover.) Says Drew: "Thanks to y'all I am cooooo-alllllll!" I'd say there's an uncanny resemblance...

It was just too COLD to crawl out of bed this morning. What’s with this weather? Hot one day, freezing the next! An icy wind gusting from the north this morning.

But I wanted to get out of the house. Walked over to the depot for a coffee at "Green Mountain Roasters". They serve up a pretty good double cappuccino. Browsed their wares, looking a little more closely than during my brief survey the other day. Many craft items they carry are from indigenous peoples around the world. And they are strongly promoting "Fair Trade" coffees. At least there's an effort to draw attention to the work that must be done improving conditions worldwide. These days, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish what is "corporate green-washing" and what is a sincere expression of corporate social responsibility.

Read a bit more from the "Fellowship of Friends" blog. The Memorial Day Weekend gathering is jelling. Cathie is involved in organizing events. Susan has begun adding her thoughts to the discussion.

It was nearly 11:00 when I woke Jeff – he had been up until 3:30. Time to get moving! I wanted to help him clean out the basement, but other than taking cardboard to the recycler and a bit of trash to the local trash hauler ($3.50 fee for the one bag of trash!), there wasn’t much to be done.

Helped him move the "Honda Blackbird" out of the dining room (where it resides in Winter.) He took it for a short ride up the block. It’s a great sounding machine. We intended to ride over to see Bob Mochinski, but there was no answer when Jeff tried to call him.

Jeff was ready to toss out an old "Arai Quantum" helmet, but I examined it and began to see parts I could salvage to fix my own. Though he has owned it for eight years, it is in better shape than mine. Only the strap was fraying (thus making it trash?) He said that, due to its age, it should also be replaced. I claimed that in most countries of the World, this helmet would be a treasure, not trash.

I extracted the cheek pads, head pads, face shield, face shield locking mechanisms, and rubber seal that covers the nose area. This should give my helmet a few years' additional life.

It looks like I’ll leave for the West Coast tomorrow. Jeff says it has been nice having me here. For me it’s hard to acknowledge that I feel the same. We were conditioned to suppress feelings in our family. (Well, maybe that was just me!) With four siblings, any such "overt" emotional or sentimental expression was fair game for sniping and embarrassing jabs. (Even the parents/step parent occasionally engaged in the behavior). (Was it just me?)


Just "hanging out" with Jeff today. For lunch, he heated up bleu cheese burgers (from "Costco") in the microwave. I very grudgingly admitted "they’re pretty good...I hate 'Costco'!” Then we ate some of his cake. Kellie dropped over for a visit. We ate more cake.

As I worked on notes from this trip throughout the afternoon, Jeff dozed on the sofa. He rests a lot, and says that it’s a result of the heart attack. He has read that fatigue is one of the consequences. Poor guy.

I listened as Bill Maher and basketball programs played in the background. As an evening snack, toasted some fresh bread with local horseradish cheddar cheese. Later, Jeff "forced" me to watch the start of The Lake House, a top-ten candidate for "Worst Movie Ever" title, then we switched to The Searchers – the classic John Wayne western that he loves. (I find the movie pretty ridiculous now, and wonder how it is that something that once inspired and impressed me can later be so belittled and devalued. It's something in my mechanics that I'm unable to explain.)

Under the impression that I’m leaving tomorrow, Kellie and Matt dropped by late in the evening. I told them I'm reconsidering. It’s going to be cold tomorrow, and considerably warmer Monday. So, it makes sense to wait a day. Strangely, everyone seemed happy with the decision (though it compresses the time frame I'll have to get across the country. I’m considering attending the Fellowship gathering May 26tth.)

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