Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another day, another protest...

Over 10,000 turned out on the streets of San Francisco Saturday to protest the War in Iraq. The march ended at Dolores Park. This photo does not do justice to the turnout. The crowds were distributed throughout the park.

In Dolores Park, boots represent casualties of the Iraq War

The Administration is determined to prove that all our whining and complaining will not make a bit of difference. They are sticking to their policy despite public opinion.

And I think many Americans are beginning to buy their "message of futility".

Protestors prostrate themselves as part of a brief "die in" on San Francisco's Market Street

Homeland Security's anti-skateboard-terrorist defenses in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza.

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Dicky Neely said...

Awesome! It's getting something started there.
Guy and I played for the local ACLU recently. That was really cool, it reminded of the 60's peace movement because of the vibe and intelligence of most of the people there and the activist attitude in evidence. It was very different than the honky tonks!