Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Freecycle Network

Conserve resources, save money, engage in acts of kindness and meet your neighbor. The internet makes it easy!

Pass through almost any suburban American neighborhood on a weekend, and you'll see a surprising number of vehicles parked curbside and in driveways. This despite two- and three-car garages. Look through an open garage door and you're likely to see the space that was built for the family cars occupied by anything but the family cars. We Americans just have too much STUFF!

Why do we collect this crap? (Well, I have my own opinion: we simply succumb to overwhelming marketing and peer pressure to accumulate those things that are misguidedly considered essential for a "fun", "happy" and "successful" American lifestyle.)

Here's an idea: reach out to someone who has a real need for something that's simply occupying space in that garage (or even worse,in that public storage unit!)

"Freecycle Network", hosted by Yahoo, makes it easy. Just list what you have to offer, and within a few hours, you will likely have several very interested parties eager to come and take it off your hands.

Items must be free. No sales or bartering allowed. And if there's something YOU need, just post a message and see who responds. You select the party with whom you will ultimately deal.

I've found it to be a great way to "downsize". Give it a try!

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Will said...

You can find your nearest Freecycle group at