Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Invasion of Iraq - 5th Anniversary

14-year-old Trevor Nixon came out to "support the troops, but not the war." His brother, a Marine, has just returned after two tours in Iraq. Another brother has just entered the Navy, and is training to be a SEAL.

At the Sonoma demonstration, I ran into "Diane" (on the right), who had also attended last January's "March on Washington".

Sonoma Valley Hospital board member Mike Smith kneels in the intersection of Napa Street and Broadway in Sonoma, as Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputies move in to make a symbolic arrest.

For 393 weeks, Sonoma peace activists have been demonstrating against the war.

Demonstrators begin to gather in front of Sonoma's City Hall. The retirees showed up first, followed by younger people as they finished their work days.

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