Friday, March 14, 2008

March 19th: Don't Let the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq Invasion Pass Unnoticed

Now longer in duration than World War II, and (after WWII) this nation’s second costliest military campaign, the Illegal Occupation of Iraq (I.O.I.) must be brought to an immediate end, and our military forces returned home.

This Wednesday, March 19th, marks the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq invasion. (And it is nearly five years since the May 1st, 2003 "Mission Accomplished" photo op pictured above.)

Please join in a march, vigil or other action in your community. If you are unable to do so, please at least write a message to your representatives in Washington. See any of the following websites for details on actions in your area:

United for Peace and Justice

CODEPINK, Women for Peace

Let’s make certain the Administration, present and future, understands the People’s Priorities.

It’s time to “be the words”.


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