Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr. Global Economy

As I prepared to leave the house this morning, I thought about this entwined economy in which we live. I pride myself on being aware of the origins of things I buy, trying to buy locally-made products when possible. It's not easy. When we complain about "off-shoring of jobs", what role do we as the consumer play? The central role. Personal consumption is 65-70% of the economy.

So here's the 5-minute inventory made before heading out the door.

Boxers - Thailand
Socks - USA
T-shirt - Honduras
Levi's 501s - Dominican Republic
Shirt - India
Vest - USA
Belt - China
Watch - Switzerland
Watch band - China
Wallet - China
Glasses - Italy (frames) and Germany (lenses)
Memo pad and pen - USA
Riding jacket - Vietnam
Helmet - Japan
Gloves - Romania
Boots - Italy
Motorcycle - Germany (components from various countries)
Panniers - Spain
Gasoline - Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Ecuador???

And that was just to get me up to the coffee shop (for my cup of Sulawesi coffee.)

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