Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teen in Clinton “3 a.m.” Ad Supports Obama

From "Democracy Now!" this morning"

In other campaign news, a seventeen-year-old girl featured in the Clinton campaign’s infamous 3:00 a.m. phone call ad has announced she supports Obama. The ad features images of children asleep and asks viewers who they’d want answering an early morning White House phone call. The teen, Casey Knowles, was eight years old when the footage was filmed. She’s now working as a campaign volunteer for Obama.

Casey Knowles: “Well, originally I felt kind of bad, like I’m being disloyal to Senator Obama, because—I didn’t know, obviously, that this was going to happen, but I felt a little bad that my image was being used in this fear-mongering message. But I don’t think that this ad was the most classy move on her part. I think it was kind of a lowbrow sort of move. I’m not a big fan of the ad and the tactic.”

The show featured a wonderful interview with former Presidential candidate George McGovern. In a candid moment, McGovern admits that he has endorsed Hillary Clinton, as a gesture of support for the work Hillary and Bill did on McGovern's 1972 Presidential Campaign in Texas.

He added:
I have ten grandchildren. All ten of them are working for Barack Obama. That’s an indication of the influence I have in my own family. I’ve got three daughters and one son. They’re all working for Barack. So I’m the old fogey in the McGovern family this year, unlike ’72, when I was way out in front.

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