Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Well, George, what would Jesus think of your 'jobs program'?"

According to Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and his co-author Harvard professor Linda Bilmes, the Iraq War is second only to World War II in total cost to this nation for a war.

The authors also claim that while providing tax breaks to the wealthiest constituents, President Bush has funded the war by borrowing from foreign nations. This debt, and debt service, included in the $3 Trillion estimate, will have to be repaid by future generations of Americans.

In the linked interview (click on the book cover), Stiglitz states quite bluntly that there are two main sectors profiting from this quagmire: the oil industry and the arms industry.

Incredibly, President Bush, in a clip taken from a recent interview with "The Today Show's" Ann Curry, states that he does not agree with Americans who say that the Iraq War is harming our economy. With his characteristic smirk, he claims the war is creating jobs. (His candor here is both shocking and a confirmation, that to many, the nature of a "job" is unimportant. Capitalism has its unique morality. "Well, George, what would Jesus think of your jobs program?")

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