Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Body of War

Click on the photo to link to the July 4th edition of "Bill Moyers Journal". Watch the two segments on Body of War, the story of Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young. The new film was co-directed by Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue.
When the United States invaded Iraq five years ago our government told us the war would be quick and tidy. But five years have passed and the war continues bloody, costly and seemingly without end. We're spending billions of dollars a month, with the long-range cost reckoned in trillions. For Iraqis and for American soldiers and their families, the human toll is even harder to calculate - numbers alone don't do it: the thousands of soldiers dead, the tens of thousands wounded. The many thousands more whose unseen scars are likely to last a lifetime But numbers aren't personal; the only way truly to understand the human cost of this war is to know someone who is bearing it. Someone like Tomas Young. - Bill Moyers
From the soundtrack to Body of War, "No More" by Eddie Vedder.

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