Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drew is Inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame!

Drew is the first writer to be honored on Huntington Beach's "Surfing Walk of Fame"

The Inductee!

Mary and Robert with a local celebrity. (This moment sponsored by Starbucks.)

He still has the moves

Susan and Alana

Drew addresses the masses

Drew shakes hands with Huntington Beach "Local Hero" Rich Chew while "Woman of the Year" Lynne Boyer savors the moment.

Drew with Bill Fury (hot surfer and shaper of the 1960s) and Gary Sahaga (curator of the Huntington Beach Surf Museum), apparently celebrating the fact they survived this long

Senior motorcycle dude and senior surfer dude

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Alana and Susan before the big event

Susan with family friend Stephen Connella, co-founder of "Island Soap and Candle Works".

The crowd awaits our hero!

Drew at the podium with Master of Ceremonies (and first - 1976 - World Professional Surfing Champion) Peter "PT" Townend

Signing autographs for adoring fans

Meet the press

Drew photographing himself and his good and handsome friend Richard "Slick" Dowdy, former editor of Surfing Magazine

Robert admires Drew's award

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