Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deception on the Boob Tube? I Can't Believe It!

Just as in 2004, Republicans are at it again; playing to the most ignorant of Americans (their voter-base?) And basically lying. The mission is achieved by creating the headline, no matter how false. When, or if they come, the corrections never carry the same impact, and are usually ignored by viewers who are already succumbing to the next sensational headline. So it goes in a "democracy".

I have the distinct sense that Republicans are simply "running out the clock". The "Sarah Palin Diversion", along with these deceptive ads, place the Obama Campaign on the defensive. They will effectively short-circuit any substantive discussions in which the McCain Campaign talking points might be challenged.

It is imperative that the media, the press, and all Americans hold the Presidential Candidates to a higher standard. After all, this is perhaps the most powerful office in the World. Should we simply accept such dishonesty in our President? Should we condone this as doing what is necessary to "win".

Is this what John McCain considers putting "Nation First"?

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