Friday, April 10, 2009

New Home

At the end of March, I packed all my worldly possessions, including the motorcycle, into a small Penske van and moved across the country to Vermont, where my brother Jeff and I own a small parcel of land with a cabin on it. Since I am paying for this property, I decided to go and learn more about it, experience what it is to live there in the woods.

I learned that Vermont has a fifth season, "mud season". The road up Hampshire Hill was so muddy, the van couldn't get closer than several miles from the cabin. A couple days later, I borrowed Jeff's four-wheel-drive Honda Pilot to haul in some of my possessions.

Before I could reach the "hunting camp", I had to dig a path through this icy snow bank that a plow had pushed across our trail. It took me about an hour, during which I began to appreciate what Vermonters deal with all winter long.

The hunting camp that Jeff and I bought a few years back. I'll be hanging out here for awhile.

The inside of our cabin - very rustic. And just slightly smaller than my last apartment.

Moose print outside the cabin

The camp consists of 19 acres of wooded land, and this cabin

Someone has tapped into our maple trees and is collecting sap for maple syrup

Wrightsville Reservoir, near my new home of Worcester, Vermont


Tim Spires said...

Congratulations on your successful move! Place looks great!

timtraveler said...

Thanks, Tim!