Monday, March 15, 2010

First, Israel must "come clean"

It is fascinating that the "international community" (meaning the United States, Israel and a few others) are outraged by Iran's lawful (if ambiguous) pursuit of nuclear energy. Governments, and their media mouthpieces, are so adept at pedaling peril.

Iran is surrounded by nuclear powers: Israel to the west, the former Soviet republics to the north, Pakistan and India to the east, American bases in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and U.S. (and possibly Israeli) ballistic missile submarines patrolling the waters off its shores.

"But Iran is not a democracy" the shrill chorus proclaims. They cannot be trusted with nuclear energy. Yet the only nation to have weaponized nuclear power and used it against another was our "democracy". (And to this day, we use depleted uranium ordinance against our enemies.)

Israel threatens to preemptively attack Iran's nuclear facilities. If they do, the U.S. would certainly be drawn into armed conflict with Iran. "Terrorism" would increase worldwide. That much is certain.

By adhering to "nuclear ambiguity" Israel perpetuates the mistrust that exists throughout the Middle East. If transparency is expected, Israel - the largest nuclear power in the Middle East - must "come clean". They expect Iran to open itself to U.N. inspections, while concealing their own nuclear arsenal. What hypocrisy.


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