Wednesday, March 17, 2010

War Tax Now

Inside the Hart Senate Office Building, CODEPINK activists struggle with Capitol Police to unfurl their "Stop Funding War" banner. (See January 2007 Archives)

In response to Republicans' eternal mantra "no new taxes", I and many others say it is time for the United States to resurrect an old tax - The War Tax. This era of elective warfare makes the case even more compelling.

By including in our Federal budget expenses for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (rather than funding war through an array of budgeted and unbudgeted "supplementals",) President Obama has made a token effort at creating transparency.

The argument still persists however, that except for the families directly impacted through having members engaged in the war, most Americans sacrifice without even recognizing the sacrifice they are making. Had they knowledge of their vast personal investment (Ralph Nader claims the military-industrial complex now consumes in excess of 50% of Federal taxes,) they might not support the venture, nor their representatives in Washington who have supported the exploit.

If we knew what portion of the taxes were going to war, we as activist citizens could refuse to pay that portion and take ultimate responsibility for our moral position.

Of course, a justified mobilization for the defense of our nation would require vast borrowing, but at the very least, the establishment of the War Tax Fund creates the mechanism for collecting taxes, repaying loans and beginning to account for the true costs of wars.


Alistair said...

It's a great theory, but it's never going to happen realistically is it......

Oh that politicians would be so honest about things!


timtraveler said...

I don't know, Alistair.

Never is a LONG time! I don't think I can wait.

But they are the same everywhere, aren't they...