Monday, March 08, 2010

What just happened?

I'm reminded of Michael Moore's eloquent words, "Dude, where's my country?"

The battle to try 9-11 terror suspects in military tribunals rather than in civilian courts is, above all, a thinly-disguised effort to maintain the perception that America is a nation at war. Maintaining this illusion is crucial to the continued public support and funding of our war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the curtailing of freedom and democracy at home.

Under "wartime" conditions, the defense, security, intelligence and petroleum industries flourish and consolidate power. These industries offer executives a "revolving door" into the world of Washington politics and "encore" careers as advisers, consultants and board members.

The deployment of full-body scanners in airports across the nation, and the world, is just one more nail in freedom and democracy's coffin. (I hope that these security devices are also being used against the very real terrorist threats from corporate and private jets - as demonstrated by the recent attack on IRS headquarters in Austin!) And who pays for these $170,000 machines (and the even more expensive next-generation machines that will inevitably follow?) Of course, the traveling public and taxpayers will. Our faith in technology is boundless.

Indeed, it seems the 19 guys with box cutters have won.

As for me, I won't be flying. I think I'll just hang around and get to know my neighbor. It's better for the environment, better for the local economy and actually better for freedom and democracy! The airline, oil and security cartels don't need my money.

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