Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Haiti, six months later, and a portrait of an American hero

Actually, this broadcast features a couple of American heroes: Amy Goodman and Sean Penn.

Penn co-founded J/P Haitian Relief Organization and is now camp manager, at a tent camp in Petionville, in Port Au Prince. The camp houses 55,000 Haitians made homeless by the earthquake.

With only about 10% of funds that were "promised" by donor nations thus far received, donations are still desperately needed to fund the clean-up and rebuilding in Haiti.


Meghan said...

Hi Tim,

If you are interested in hearing more about Sean Penn and his involvement in Haiti, he will be interviewed by Charlie Rose tonight on Bloomberg Television. For a clip of tonight's show, visit: http://www.Facebook.com/BloombergTelevision

All the best,

timtraveler said...

Definitely, Meghan! thanks for the "heads-up".


Meghan said...

Sure thing!